Exhibition: In your image

When meeting new people, we quickly get a picture of who they are. How does this image form? If you do not know their story, do you see an individual or a stereotype?

The Exhibition In Your Picture - Jïjtjedh Guvvesne - approaches these questions by thematizing representations of Sami people in photography and text. Sami portraits from the collection after photographer Lars Ingulfsvand (1885-1913) meet quotes about Sami identity from ancient times until today. The texts are derived from a rich selection of books, newspapers and social media.

The visitor is challenged to reflect on his view of the Sami community, his meetings with others and, not least, the question: how do you appear in the eyes of others?

The exhibition became part of Tråante 2017 and is a collaboration between Saemien Sijte, Levanger Fotomuseum and Stiklestad National Cultural Center.

Rørosmuseet Smelthytta September 20 - December 31