Strangers in town

Røros Arts Association presents this year’s summer exhibition with photographs by Vegar Moen. The theme for the exhibition is youth and cultural heritage, and the pictures show Johannes Hofstad 11 years, photographed in Røros dressed in suits he has made himself.

Røros Museum Smelthytta 7 June - 1 October 2019

The exhibition is part of the NåDa project, funded by Norwegian Art Associations. The goal is to promote young people's interest in cultural heritage through contemporary art, and to create engagement and interaction across generations. Røros Arts Association is one of 10 art associations in Norway chosen for the project. Locally, the project focuses on a revitalization of life in Bergmannsgata (the main street in Røros). Artist Vegar Moen has collaborated with students at Kulturskolen and Røros upper secondary school. During the year, he has carried out several projects.

Vegar Moen (born 1967) is a renowned artist and photographer. He is originally from Røros, but lives outside Malmö in Sweden. His works have been purchased by, among others, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Bergen Art Museum, Norwegian Cultural Council and the Norwegian Arts Council, Stockholm. Vegar has carried out many projects with art in public spaces, for example for the National Library, St. Olav's hospital, Statoil, Telenor and the University of Tromsø. In addition, he has had separate and collective exhibitions at home and abroad.

  • Vegar Moen (Foto/Photo)
    Vegar Moen, Kurantgården/Johannes Hofstad, fotografi 90x126 cm, 2018
  • NåDa Røros logo (Foto/Photo)
  • Norske Kunstforeninger (Foto/Photo)