Summer exhibition SpennVidde

The Røros Arts Association's Summer Exhibition displays works by artists Ellen Karin Mæhlum og Randi Annie Strand.

  • OBSERVERT-79°N, karborundum og koldnål
    Ellen Karin Mæhlum: OBSERVED - 79 ° N, karborundum og koldnål

Ellen Karin Mæhlum and Randi Annie Strand both began their artistic career after attending art school in Roros, and both work with graphics. Mæhlum shows pictures from the series "OBSERVED - 79 ° N", carborundum and drypoint. Strand displays art books in various techniques. The exhibition presents a wide range; in terms of size from the intimate to the monumental, in terms of artistic expression from the picturesque to the geometric. The strong presence of materiality binds the various parts together.

The exhibition is on display through 31 August.

  • Randi Annie Strand: ARABESK 12, høytrykk