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The Røros Museum has a considerable number of items, photos, maps, drawings as well as an archive from the mining town of Røros and the surrounding district. The work of collecting and building up the cultural heritage of the area started in 1930 when Røros Museum Association was established.

Part of the museum's collections belonged to Røros Copper Works. It revolves around the work's historic object collection, the newest part of the work's archives and items that were taken over by the Røros Museum when the Røros Copper Works went bancrupt in 1977.

Here is a rough overview of our collections per 2016:

  • 80 buildings, of which 54 listed (total 10,500 m²)
  • ca. 15 000 items
  • ca. 70,000 photos
  • 7,000 historical maps and drawings
  • 320 meters of shelving from private archives
  • 4.5 km² industrial landscapes, most of it listed

Røros Museum's private archives on www.arkivportalen.no

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