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Geology in the Røros district

In the museum building at Olav's Mine you can see the exhibition "Geology in the Røros district". This exhibition which provides information and maps about the bedrock in Norway and the area around Røros. The exhibition also displays rock samples from various Røros mines.

  • Rob Veldhuis

The exhibition "Geology in the Røros district" displays samples of rocks and ores that have been the basis for more than 300 years of mining in the Røros region. These rocks and ores were formed during lengthy geological processes and major continent movements 400 - 1000 million years ago. 

Several mines were located in the Storwartz mining area. "Nyberget" was operational from 1650, "Gamle Solskinn" from 1673 and "Olavsgruva" from 1936. The production of copper ore from these mines amounts to a total of 1.28 million tons. Olav's Mine covers an area of 37 acres and had a total production of approximately 1,131,000 tons of copper ore.

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