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The World Heritage Convention 50 years

In 2022, it was 50 years since UNESCO adopted the Convention for the Protection of the World's Cultural and Natural Heritage. The Røros Museum marks the anniversary with a new exhibition.

The UNESCO World Heritage Convention was created in 1972 in response to increasing pressure on cultural and natural heritage sites as a result of tourism, wars, natural disasters, decay and pollution. By signing the convention, each individual country undertakes to protect both its own World Heritage sites and the entirety of its national cultural and natural heritage.

The exhibition presents the eight world heritage sites in Norway, exhibits portraits of people who live in Røros mountain town and the Circumferens with their thoughts about living in the World Heritage. Part of the exhibitions examines the building history of Direktørgården on Røros.
Preservation of the wooden buildings are an important part of Røros as a World Heritage

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