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AAMHTESH - Courtcases

Courtcases (photos from left):

  1. There were many court cases inthe Southern Sámi area in the 20th century. The picture shows an inspectionduring proceedings in Ålen in 1923.
  2. Marit and Morten Kant worked asreindeer herders for a while after giving up their own animals. Here they arethought to be in Trollheimen. Many families had to stop reindeer herding as aresult of the conflicts at the end of the 19th century.
  3. Serri and Paul Johnsen,together with other families, were involved in many court cases over the years,including disputes north of Aursunden, near Riasten and in upper Gauldalen.Here they are at their summer quarters in the 1890s.
  4. The brothers Morten and JonasMortensen were among those deprived of the right to herd reindeer in Sålekinna,Nord-Østerdal in 1890. Here they are in Hådalen near Røros around 1930.
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    Iv. Olsen, Rørosmuseets arkiv
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    Lars Danielsen
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    Lars Danielsen (repro)
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    Lars Danielsen