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Guided tour of Olav's Mine

There has been mining the Røros region since the 1640’s. Today the hammer blows have subsided in the mines, the horses no longer pull heavy loads of ore down from the mountains, but traces of activity still tells this story.

Join us for an hour’s walk through mining history. The tour begins in the mining museum, with an introduction to the region’s geology, and how the mines were operated. Together with a guide, we walk 500 m underground through tunnels in Nyberget Mine and Olav’s Mine and 50 m down to the massive Miner’s Hall. Sound effects and lighting add to the authentic feel.

Group offers

  • Guided tour of the mines Nyberget and Olav’s Mine
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Groups of up to 50 people per guide
  • Season: all year

Practical information

  • Travel time from Røros about 20 minutes each way
  • Groups can book couch for transport, contact us for an offer!
  • Warm clothes and good shoes or rubber boots advised
  • The mine is authentic in the sense that it appears almost as it was when mining activities stopped in 1972. Unfortunately, the mine is not accessible for wheelchairs or prams due to the number of stairs.

Options on request

  • Cultural event in Bergmann Hall (mini-concert or similar)
  • We can customize the content and length of activities to suit your group. Please contact us for an offer.​

Recommended combinations

•    Guided tour of Røros
•    Guided tour of Røros Museum Smelthytta
•    Guided tour of Røros Church

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