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Practical information

Practical information about Olav's Mine and the guided tour

Before your visit...

The mine remains at a constant temperature of around 5 degrees celcius throughout the year and the air is humid. Wear warm clothes and good footwear!
Everyone is given a helmet to wear on the tour. This is to protect you from any head injuries should you inadvertently come in contact with the roof of the mine in the smaller passageways. Most of the passageways and rooms we visit during the tour are more than large enough to walk upright without having to bend over.

Children are welcome to join the tours in Olav's Mine. Small children should be accompanied by an adult. Use of baby carriers are not advised, as the child’s head will be higher than your own.

The mine is authentic in the sense that it appears almost as it was when mining activities stopped in 1972. Unfortunately, the mine is not accessible for wheelchairs or prams due to the number of stairs.

The guided tour lasts just over an hour. 

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